2017 iWorld - Global VR/AR Trend Forum (Chengdu Station)


1. Introduction to 2017 iWorld - Global VR/AR Trend Forum (Chengdu Station)

In line with the theme of “Challenges and opportunities coexist”, this forum composed by various keynote speeches and the high-end dialogue is to be held, in which many distinguished guests, scientific researchers and senior managers of many enterprises at home and abroad will take active participation. Here, we can share the development and achievements made in applying VR/AR so that a three-dimensional and visual matrix will thus be formed to promote the development and cooperation among VR/AR and other industries.



2. Organizers

Sponsored by: International Data Group

Organized by:IDG World Expo

Co-organized by: :Chengdu Virtual Reality & Argumented Reality Industry Association

                United Innovation Services Co., Ltd



3.Agenda (Draft)

Date: 13:30-17:30, August 10th, 2017

Venue: Shuyun Room(3F)





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Introduction to Leaders and Distinguished Guests


Keynote Speech: Immersive Computing: The Next Frontier

Speaker: Fiona Yang, COO of UCCVR


Keynote speech: What VR Needs More Is Crossover Cooperation

Speaker: Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of VR, HTC / HTC VR


Keynote Speech: The Year for VR To Be Recognized

Speaker: Liu Tiancheng, IDEALOYE CEO & IDEALENS Joint CEO


Keynote Speech: How Long Will VR Market Have Its Explosion

Speaker: Xiong Wen, Vice President of iQIYI Intelligent Hardware


Keynote Speech: VR Has Passed by the Storytelling Era, and There Is No Problem with Money If There Is Technology

Speaker: Zhang Cong, Founder and CEO of DKVISION


Keynote Speech: AR - Perception on New Horizon

Speaker: Zhong Fuxing, Founder of VOID AR


Keynote Speech: New Story: AR on Smartphone

Speaker: Xu Yidan, CEO of Topplus


Keynote Speech: How Does Optical Motion Capture Bring the New Breakthrough to VR Interaction

Speaker: Xu Qiuzi, CEO of Realis Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.


Keynote Speech: 2017 Is the Year of Popularization and Revenue Generation for China's VR Industry

Speaker: Leon Zhang, Chief Strategy Officer of Deepoon VR


Keynote Speech: A World Leader in Big Data 3D Visualization & Hologram Virtual Reality

Speaker: Daniel Zhang, CEO of Euclideon (Greater China)


Keynote Speech: VR Life Goes Into the Future Families

Speaker: Wang Bo, COO of Chongqing BaJie ZangJingGe Network Co., Ltd


Keynote Speech: Era 1.0 of VR

Speaker: Xu Chenxiang, CEO of Imatchic VR


Keynote Speech: AR New Track: Strategy Layout and Industry Innovation Application of Industry 4.0

Speaker: Su Bo, CEO of Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technologies Co., Ltd.


Round-Table DialogueAR Is Not Far from Us in Fact

Guests: Cheng Zheng, Founder and CEO of DDD.

   Zhong Fuxing, Founder of VOID AR

   Zhang Cong, Founder and CEO of DKVISION

   Daniel Zhang, CEO of Euclideon (Greater China)

   Roy Luo, Deputy General Manager of ZONTEC Technology Co., Ltd.

Final agenda as per Conference at the scene.

(Attn: Wang Xuedi,13466356368, christina_wang@idgchina.com.cn)


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