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I. Outline of the Summit

As the exchange platform for VR and AR application, with the theme of “Virtual Science and Technology & Real World”, the forum will mainly discuss on topics including VR interactive revolution in the field of virtual-reality integration, capital-and-products-oriented industry development, application of visual computing in the era of big data and emerging information era, gather researchers and engineering technologists of virtual reality and visualization techniques at home and abroad together, carry out technological and industrial exchanges, promote transboundary collaboration and an omni-bearing stereovision matrix, and share development application results of virtual reality and visualization techniques. The Forum will publish Research Report on China VR/AR Market and discuss the new trend and change in industry and society and seek for communication and cooperation all around the world.

II. Organizers

Sponsored by: International Data Group

Organized by: IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd

Co-organized by: Mobile Internet Society of Chengdu

III. Agenda (trial)

Date & Time: 13:30-17:00, August 18th, 2016

Venue: Shufeng Room (3F), International Convention Center, Century City




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An Introduction to Guests and Leaders


Report Release: The Development Report on Global Virtual Reality Industry 2016


Keynote Speech: Build the New Era of VR

Speaker: Mr. Wang Congqing, General Manager of HTC Vive (China)


Keynote Speech: Megatrends of Mobile VR

Speaker: Mr. Zhang Li, CSO of DeePoon VR


Keynote Speech: Bringing Entertainment to Outer Space

Speaker: Mr. Ryan Holmes, CEO of Space VR


Keynote Speech: Smart Glasses and Digital Vision

Speaker: Mr. Ai Tao, CTO of VisionerTech


Keynote Speech: Change the World's Mind

Speaker: Mr. Wang Jin, Vice President of Dlodlo


Keynote Speech: Cover Links World, VR Leads Future

Speaker: Mr. Zhou Qi, Vice President and Chief Editor of Cover Media


Keynote Speech: The Fast and the Furious of VR Plus News

Speaker: Mr. Du An, Strategic Business Partner of Mojing.cn


Keynote Speech: To Meet The Near Future

Speaker: Mr. Liu Tiancheng, Co-CEO of Idealens


Keynote Speech: Computer Vision + VR = Future

Speaker: Mr. Xu Yidan, Founder and CEO of Topplusvision


Keynote Speech: VR + Real Estate - Vertical Path

Speaker: Mr. Wan Tao, Co-founder of MFYKE


Keynote Speech

Speaker: Mr. Lu Gang, Founder of TechNode, CEO of TechCrunch (China)


Round-Table Dialogue: Future Path of VR & AR

Host: Mr. Zhou Qi, Vice President and Chief Editor of Cover Media


  Mr. Chen Qiufan, Vice President of Noitom Technology

  Mr. Wan Tao, Co-founder of MFYKE

  Mr. Lu Gang, Founder of TechNode, CEO of TechCrunch (China)

  Mr. Ai Tao, CTO of VisionerTech

Final agenda as per Conference at the scene.


 (Contact: Xian Jieyu. Tel: 18780236964, E-mail: 3253510965@qq.com)



    Xiong Xiaoge | Global Executive Vice President | IDG
    Ryan Holmes | CEO | Space VR
    Zhang Li | CSO | DeePoon VR
    Wang Jiping | Assistant Vice-President | IDC (China)
    Liu Tiancheng | Co-CEO | Idealens
    Xu Yidan | Founder, CEO | Topplusvision
    Wang Jin | Vice-President | Dlodlo
    Wan Tao | Co-founder | MFYKE
    Ai Tao | CTO | VisionerTech
    Lu Gang | Founder | TechNode
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